Services Provided

Marci's Natural Illusions specializes in all forms of of intradermal pigmentation from permanent cosmetics to reconstructive corrections.


Marci can bring out the natural grace and beauty of the brow. With expert precision that comes from experience, she can even make corrections to the arch and shape of the brow.


With the implantation of pigments at the eyelid areas, it frames and accentuates the eyes. For some people who are allergic to cosmetics on their eyes, permanent makeup will be the best solution. 


Marci can shade and fade the colors naturally to provide you with a beautiful look that lasts.  No need to "reapply".


Marci can shape the contour of the lips with natural lip color so that even in pool, sauna, or during sports, there is still beautiful makeup on.

Full Lip

A natural lip color can accentuate the beauty of the lips. It can also correct and reshape the lips.

Areola Restoration

Gives a natural look for reconstructive surgery patients.

Scalp Pigmentation

Provides a thicker, fuller look.